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Hear the words
Listen to the quiet undertones
The crumbs, the soft whispers

The off the cuff remarks

Please don’t judge, accuse, negative or condescending


Each word, the context, the emotion

They mean something

Follow the crumbs

Pick them up

Don’t wait to get to the end

When it’s too late

Don’t be the one who says, thinks, or wonders – the what ifs, I should have seen, known or done something, helped!

Hear my voice, my pain, my heartache

Follow my path, catch me, hold me, help me


Read between the lines

Look for the signs, the cliff

Along the trail are clues

Reactions, implosions, doubt

Loss of self worth, meaning, purpose

No one knows how many crumbs will fall

When they run out

When they stop



Learn and understand

Empathy not sympathy

The bricks have all ready fallen

The crumbs are being placed

Time does end

Light does fade

Tomorrow is never promised
~ Written by Melanie Wagner ~