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futuredreamsPWLWhere to begin. It’s been awhile since I wrote. A lot has happened. Many changes, new places, people and life changing events surrounding me.
I feel like I’ve been pushed from every direction. Do this do that, want, want, want… and I’m the person most come to to vent, talk or ask for advice. I sit here this early morning wishing I had that person to call to vent, to ask “what do I do”, etc. But I don’t. Those closest to me are dealing with their own demons right now. I’m just another burden. So I pretend. I pretend I’m all right. That the traveling and changes aren’t affecting me. I hide my inner and outer pain. I hide and I pretend. Yep, that’s where I’m stuck.
Somehow in the midst of whatever chaos that is happening (which doesn’t directly involve me) I’ve been shut out. Was never that…

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